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Official Statistics about misuse of 498A released

This website is an attempt to create awareness among Indian nationals about the rampant misuse of 498a (Dowry Law misuse) by unscrupulous women to extort money and harass their husband's entire extended family. This website is dedicated to the victims of gender-biased laws of India (498a and domestic violence against women law) and provides comprehensive and free information about how to protect yourself and take preventive measures to save your family from this law which has been termed as 'legal terrorism' by Honorable Supreme Court of India.

This website also attempts to explain the future disastrous results of badly formulated and gender biased laws Domestic violence against women law which grossly violates the liberty and dignity of an average man and his extended family members. Anyone who is educated and reads the guidelines of the law can see how vicious this law is and what it's social implications are and will be.

If answer to any of the following question is 'yes' then It is in you and your family's best interest to know about the Dowry law of India (known as IPC-498a) because you could be falsely implicated and sent to jail by unscrupulous women.
  • Are you a person of Indian Origin? Did you get married in India?
  • Is your wife an Indian?
  • Do you have kids who will be getting married soon?
  • Do you have close relatives who have Indian wife?

  • Wife forcing you to live separately Wife does not respect you and is discourteous of your parents

The very nature of anti-dowry law makes it wife-biased (daughter-in-law biased), discriminatory, stringent, unprecedented, exceptional and poorly formulated. One line of written or oral complaint from your wife or her family member can land husband and his entire family in jail without any investigation.

If you find yourself in the following situation, please contact us by providing your information

We have joined hands to fight against this draconian law and provide protection & support to the aggrieved husband and his family. We are the victims of this draconian law and are fighting our cases too. We provide the following support:

1. Emotional Support to the aggrieved families.
2. Recommend unbiased legal proposals to Government.
3. Establish a healthy and progressive marriage setup for all.
4. Propagate domestic harmony within the society.

We are completely against dowry tradition going on for centuries in India and we help in eradicating the same through various channels. We strongly detest all forms of domestic violence within the family.

Please fill the help form here before contacting the helpline numbers below

Contact us at : help@498a.org

All India helpline (9 AM - 9 PM only): +91-782 709 0270
United States (USA) : (917) 512-5362

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