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Battle won after 4 yrs.The first PUNCH should be the hardest 
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Dear Brothers,

After an intense battle of 4 years, I got relieved in Nov 2019. Finally, manage to get my head around and though of sharing this sucess story with you all. I know its important and valuable , so that others who are still battling get the motivation and courage to take the "Bulls by horns".

Married in 2013. Major issue started 2015
1. Created ruckus in my sisters marriage by making hue and cry in front of all our guest and by telling her false "abla naari" story around.
2. She managed to gather support of some high an mighty of sikh community who thought they are the once who control everything.
3. The team forced us to have a so called "Panchayat" or a forum to discuss within my sisters ongoing marriage, within the marriage hall premises by intimidating.

Panchayat mistreated my family and threatened to disrupt my sisters marriage.

4. Due to sensitivity of the situation , i agreed to all their demands and finished my sisters wedding and then left to Dubai.
5. Informed her that whatever happened during the sis wedding and panchayat was not right and I do not agree.
6. She wrote 7 page letter/pamplets and distributed in seven Gurudwaras and among numerous society members.( her biggest mistake and my biggest ammunition against her)
7. She managed to gather another crowd ( 20+) to threaten and intimidate by old parents( as i was in Dubai). They had a gathering at one of the community members house.

Action by me.

1. Flew down from Dubai for a day and filed divorce papers as it was needed to reign my in-laws, as well as the mob which was influenced by their fake story.
2.Secured anticipatory bail from session court for my entire family.
3. She filed DV & Maintenance.
4. I filed SC/ST atrocity act under different clause on her family and Panchayat members. Again after flying down from Dubai for a day. They used influence to not to get FIR registered, but after intense efforts it was filed.
5. Filed Criminal Defamation on her family and few people who were involved and submitted the names of entire mob who were intimidating as witness( so all covered). ( Summons issued and their application rejected by session court , as well as it was about to get rejected by Highcourt)
6. Initiated process to File complaint on all involved under Maharashtra Social Boycott law.
7. She was given a maintenance of 7K inspite of earning more than 1 lakh herself. That time i was in Dubai with an Indian earning of 4.5 Lakh per month. But 7K again was slap on her face.
8. Court rejected her application for Alimony 3 times and warned her not to submit any application again.
9. She pushed hard for my passport to be confiscated, but I never gave any reasons to the judiciary to do this as i was always available when required.

Pressure cooker situation, so all supporting members slowly started discarding my in-laws, and moreover they also saw the punishment coming soon as Judiciary completely backed up my cases by good orders. So frequent approaches by my in-laws to settle the case out of the court ( starting early 2018)

Initial demand 1cr, reduced to 50Lakh, reduced to 30 Lakh, reduced to 15 Lakh. Then finally I got a Diwali discount and they asked for 7 lakhs. I obliged to this amount as my old parents were the only ones running around and it was difficult for me to carry on this fight being NRI and moreover i was about to move to Singapore for better prospect. So thought of closing it and moving out of it with positivity.

In the end all involved learnt their lessons and even got a fine from High court, the high and mighty exhausted all their ministers and top level contacts and had nothing to try and save themselves.

It was a "Kamikaze" attack from my side , as i had already lost my job that time in Dubai and they had gone berserk with their "Abla Naari" antics , so had to attack back with full force.

3 members ( me, my father and mother) VS my in-laws , 5 panchayat, other community members. I can say it was win for me , but still loosing 4 years of peace and harmony hurts.

FYI, any type of Panchayat/Forums are illegal in India and specifically in Maharashtra its punishable under Maharashtra Social Boycott Law.

Judiciary is slow but it will definitely help you if you are right. She could not file any other cases as she had no remote chances of fabricating a story and then backing up with any proof. In addition she dug herself a grave when she wrote all in the letter which she distributed , and letter had nothing but normal family issues.

SOciety members till date have a psych that a GUY is always wrong against a WOMEN. In addition if you are an NRI then they hate you more.

I fought it out whilst I was NRI. Final advice, make sure your first PUNCH is the hardest, let them fight against your cases not you fighting against their cases.

All the best brothers !


Tue May 19, 2020 7:22 am

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what all cases did u file from your end , now r u in india or still in dubai ??

Sat Jul 18, 2020 12:01 pm
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